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Facebook Ads: How to get Maximum results from your Facbook Advertising Campaign

    ad posting    June 2, 2016

How to get Maximum results from your Facebook Advertising Ads Campaign-Adsnity.com-400x250

Increase your Facebook Ads Efficiency with These 10 Killer Advertising Tips to Get the Best Results

Ad posting tips for the paid advertising campaigns on Facebook

Until and unless you have expertise in this line, you cannot increase Facebook ad conversion rates without spending on ads. It is a great challenge.

A little effort from your end in the form of trying and testing different versions could make things a lot better paving ways to great success of your ads. The question now arises what could be the way out to push up your Facebook ad campaign and make the best out of it? 

This is the very aim of this article. Here you will come across different tricks and techniques which will help you get maximum results from your Facebook ad campaign. Let us quickly check these out!

10 Internet marketing tips for Business Marketers ]


Facebook Ads: How to Maximize Results?

Find out the ultimate tips to maximize your Facebook ads campaign results:

1- Filter Your Target Audience

If you want to enjoy more refined and quality social media ad results you have to narrow down your audience and hone your target. Do not hit in the dark. The best things you can do is target the followers of brands similar to you. 

Filtering your audience this way is a great option when you hardly know the details about your audience. This way you will be able to reach and serve the audience like the other reputed brands are doing. 

Create engaging message in the form of creating separate campaigns for each brand whose followers you targeted. The results would come out as more effective.

2- Increase Engagement Via Cover Photo

You can start contest related to your cover photos like running a contest related to your brand, the weekly winners will get featured on the cover page of the Facebook page of the brand.

This will increase engagement and more and more people would come to know about your brand, new products, new schemes etc. Use your cover photo feature as a free marketing tool. Be creative and think out of the box.

3- Catchy Image


You don’t really need to put up the picture of your product or service or shot of the processes or business.
All you have to use is a catchy image that could best grab the attention of the target audience. Image that will make people eager to read your ad. If you are able to give your best shot here, you have already come halfway to your goal.

4- Use Custom Audience Feature

You don’t require to display ads to the masses. You must focus on your target audience because they are the ones who will buy from you.
You must utilize the custom feature available on Facebook and display ads to a custom audience. Your custom audience being the ones who already know you. Keeping the existing customer base is more important and you can do so by Facebook ad campaigns and displaying it to only your audience rather than masses.

5- Boost Engagement Via Video

Out of all the media options for advertising be it text or photos, Video is proved to be the most effective.

A creative and interesting video with great content can help boost up engagement metrics because it is seen that people end up taking interest in a brand after watching a video advertisement. Therefore, use video instead of mere photos or text for Facebook ad campaign.

6- Promote Interactive Content Via Sharing

You can advertise your product indirectly by way of promoting shareable content. You can run a contest and give offers/discount to the winners.
This kind of thing people often like to tell to their friends. This will get you new potential customers and increase engagement as well. So it would be better to add and promote interactive content that people would like to share.

7- Give Organic Touch Via Collaborating

Collaborate with others in related industries because when a single source is trying advertise something, chances are people might take less interest but on the other hand if 2-3 or more are coming together on a project than that weighs more.

8- Retargeting/ Remarketing

Create a list wherein you have the information about your previous visitors of your website. You can retarget them to generate new sales.

You never know your product might be relevant to them so before looking out for new customers, make every possible effort to convert the visitors (who came in touch with your brand or website) to your buyers. Facebook remarketing campaign can be a great step to up your sales.

9- Testing

Test your images, test different versions of ad, try different photos, text an other variations in order to see what works best for you.
What mix of elements of an advertisement makes the most impactful ad for Facebook ad campaign. Also, use multivariate testing and experiment across multiple segments as well. 

10- Be Genuine

Do not just be sales focused rather be relationship focused. Customers will come back to you when you have a good relationship with them, when they feel that you care for them. Just keeping on promoting continuously won’t work and can be annoying on social media.

Relate to your users and communicate with them. Know what they are demanding, what additional features they are seeking in a product or service and there can be endless reasons to communicate. This will lead to better engagement and better relationship for the long run.


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5 Responses to “Facebook Ads: How to get Maximum results from your Facbook Advertising Campaign”

  1. Awesome Information in the post

  2. We are spending most of our timing through the social medias especially facebook. Within that we usually share information to our closest persons. Apart from that we can learn new things or news through this only. We will get tensed by seeing the ads when we are busy with our work. Anyway thank you for sharing the information here. And please keep update like this.

  3. pallavikarthi on July 7, 2016 @ 8:12 am

    You made some decent factors there. I looked on the internet for the difficulty and found most individuals will associate with along with your website.Keep update more excellent posts.

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  5. nice blog, informative post useful for me. keep update like this.

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