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Advertising Tips- 10 Different Ways to Advertise Your Website Online

    advertising tips    August 1, 2016

10 Different Ways to Advertise Your Website Online-300x200

Online methods for advertising a website


Marketing and advertising have always been an important aspect of any online or offline business. As current marketplace entirely relies on online marketing, so it is crucial to keep your business online as well. So we will discuss the different ways of marketing business website online. In this post we will make you aware of some surefire ways of advertising a site online which works and pays off if done properly.


10 Fastest ways to advertise a business online


1. Search Engine Optimization


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to promote a website online. Search Engine Optimization in simple terms is the method of optimizing a website as per the search engines guidelines. As most of the traffic received is from search engines and therefore it is necessary to make search engines aware of your website.


You can do it by just adding your website to Google Search Console (formerly Google web Master). By adding it, you will get a better idea of optimizing your website. And hence can better optimize your website to advertise it effectively.

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2. Social Media Advertising

[ Pros and Cons of Social Media Advertising ]

According to statistics on an average a global internet user spent 101.4 minutes per day on social media platforms. And therefore social media platforms are the great medium to get a huge audience base for any business as it helps to communicate you with your existing as well as potential audience base in an efficient manner.

Thus, advertising on social media platforms can prove to be a wise decision for any business website.

⇒ How to get maximum online results with your social media marketing


3. Mobile Advertising


In the recent past years, mobile marketing is in boom and approximately has taken over the traditional consumption of Internet on PCs. Every next user uses mobile to search anything of his interest on mobile devices as mobile devices provide instant access rather than Pcs.

Apart from that, there are many other reasons to adopt mobile marketing for advertising your website online is that it is cost effective. Also, the websites which are mobile optimized are more likely to rank well than the sites which are not, mobile apps are also one of the best ways to advertise any website online. Thus, I don’t think that anyone can afford to overlook mobile advertising.


4. Blogging and Guest Blogging


Content is king & it is unquestionable truth. And hence believe it or not blogging and guest blogging are also the best ways to advertise a website online. As by providing quality content by the means of blogging or guest blogging to your users, helps to build a brand identity between them. And it presents you and your website as an authority source to get information about what they are looking for.


5. Listing in Local Citations Sites


Local listing or Citations are also among the best ways to market a website online. By being part of any local listing portal or site you assure search engines as well as users that your business belongs to a division of a community.

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And in this way, it helps to establish your business as authorized as you provide all the details like company name, phone number, website URL, address same across all the listing portals.

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6. Email Marketing


Email Marketing has its benefits for a business website. With email marketing, you can share informative content & information about your business. It helps to develop a business an authorized and credible source of information among its users.

Along with that, there are many other benefits which email marketing posses like it helps to generate leads, increased donations, and improve communication & much more. So it is a good deal to go with it.


7. Press Release Submission


PRs or Press Releases are also among one of the best methods to promote a business website online. If you have a website and want to make people about it or your services and products, then press releases are the best medium. With the help of press releases, you can make the audience aware of your upcoming events or about the launching of your new business.


8. Visual Marketing


Visuals are the best way to explain about anything whether it is about business or anything else, as it creates a significant impact and remembrance for a long period. Along with that all the major video sharing and image sharing sites have millions of users, so by advertising your website on these platforms, you can get actual traffic and brand identity as well.


9. Participation in Forums, Communities and Q/A sites


Involvement in forums, communities, and Q/A sites helps to build a good online brand identity of your business. You can advertise your website on these sites by providing efficient and in-depth answers to the queries of the users of your niche.


10. Paid Advertising

[ How to make a Successful Paid advertising with Facebook Ads

Paid advertising is also a good deal to go with for advertising a website online. As it offers Consistent Traffic, reach, geo-targeting, ad-scheduling, tracking & much more. Some forms of Paid advertising are Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising, and Google Adwords.

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