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The Emerging Trends of Free Online Classified Ads in 2016-17

    ad posting, Online Classifieds, post free ads    April 24, 2014

Online advertising – Latest trends of classified sites and ad posting in 2016-17

Last Updated in May 2016

It is interesting to note that online advertising is all set to surpass the traditional mediums of advertising like newspapers. In fact, the latest reports have a bought out a positive picture where there are forecasts that the global ad expenditure in the online medium in the year 2016 is going to be the highest as compared to the records of the previous year.

In this context, it can be rightly said that free online classified ads are going to be a booming trend of marketing products and services without additional costs.


Mobile responsiveness and loading speed have become the most prevent trends of the year. Apart from the new features and facilities in classifieds web designing, there has been a noticeable trend of creating mobile Apps!


The Positive Picture


The complete idea of online classified ad posting has been derived from the traditional methods of classified ad posting which involves the use of newspapers. Online classified ads are increasingly becoming popular all around the world because of the convenience in selling and marketing a product and service.


There are many who consider the free online classified ads as the best possible solution of buying and selling. The basic concept of online classifieds depends on the features of internet advertising. Hence the growth patterns of online classified ad depend on the growth of internet advertising. Let us have a quick look at the numbers that show the growing trend of online advertising


  • Reports indicate that internet advertising will continue to grow more rapidly than the other traditional mediums. There are indications that there will be an 10% increase in the overall internet marketing expenditure in the year 2016 and 2017.
  •  The classified ad expenditure is yet to increase with a steady growth of 4% every year.
  •  In the year 2007 the overall traffic flows to the classified sites increased by a staggering 23%.
  •  The most striking report is that both desktop and mobile ad expenditure is likely to cross the 20% mark of total ad expenditure in the present year.


Local Classified ads-Flickr-free-advertising-site-Photo_files

Online classified ads industry is consistently growing

 The Present Trends- 

Customizing the Ads This is one of the most attractive features of the free online classifieds. The buyer or the seller can post customized advertisements according to the needs and requirements.

The marketing aspects depend completely on an individual or a group. The customizing options involve the use of pictures and messages that will be convincing. One has to remember that all ads are not salable.

 Getting Maximum Visibility



Most of the free online classifieds sites are ensuring maximum visibility of their ads by merging the ad postings with the social networking profiles. This has increased the scope of better marketing to a great extent.


Emphasis in Specialization


Emphasizing on the separate market sectors is the recent trend of online classified ads. These websites are constantly working to develop the vertical market of classifieds. The concept is similar to search engines where these sites are providing ads related to similar niche of services and products.


These emerging strategies have widened the scope of marketing to a great extent. The best part is that the service is completely free for consumers and sellers. This is a major reason for which posting of free classified ads is considered to be the best way to reach target audience.


Summary-   Free Online classified websites are one of the best online forums where a buyer and seller meet. This medium proves to be an effective marketing tool because there are no costs of advertisements unlike traditional mediums of classified advertisements.

Best sites to sell things online

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