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Classified HighlightsOur mission is to provide high quality badminton training to our students. We continuously improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of all our students.

A Beginner’s Guide to Badminton Footwork

If you’ve played badminton for a while or even watched the game avidly, you must have realised that it’s a fast-paced sport. If you are looking to improve your game, you must get work on getting your footwork right. In a sport where the shuttle speed can reach as high as 400 km/h, you can return these rapid-fire shots only if you have good footwork.


Here at Ray Wong Badminton Training Club Markham, we tailor our programme to suit your current skill level and if your footwork needs improvement, we will take that into consideration. Here are some essential points to keep in mind when you are looking to improve your badminton footwork.

Return to Base, Always

Most new players have sticky feet. They tend to stick to the position where they took the last shot. Instead, you must return to the base position as soon as you complete your shot.
The base is the centre of your game area. This gives you a solid positioning to move in any direction that your shot demands.
Every time you move away from the base position to take a shot, be sure to return to the base to get ready for the next shot.

Maintain Balance

Badminton is all about fast reactions. So you might find yourself stretching your arms and legs far and wide to take a shot. Such big and quick movements will surely affect your balance and you may not b able to return to base quickly.
With one hand holding the racket, be sure to keep the other hand wide open. This will help with balancing and enable you to return to the base swiftly.
Another thing you can do is to place most of your body weight on the stronger leg and make that as the anchoring foot to the ground. Ensure that the other foot is nimble so you can stretch and reach for the shot wherever the shuttle goes.

Be Light Footed

You can improve your game immensely by being light and nimble on the feet.
By adding some bounce to your footwork, you would be able to respond quickly to any shot, especially the high ones.
In addition, by adding jumps to your footwork, you can improve your badminton game even further. Jumps help you to execute smashes as you will get a good angle for the attack. All the same, jumps are also useful for retrieving high shots.

Join Ray Wong Badminton Training Club Markham

Whether you are looking to improve your overall game or your footwork, we will work with you to help improve your badminton game. Contact us today for more information.

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