How Our World Would End If Essences Disappeared


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Most of us have the greatest value man-kind has ever witness but yet do nothing to put it out there.


Here is something to note, every day we age and so we have to grab every least opportunity that comes our way and try to make the best out of it.

What will be will be?


We blame ourselves every minute about our past and the mistakes we made. We never really take out time to see that those little mistakes were like checkpoints in our lives. It reminded us not to make the same mistakes twice. Notwithstanding we as humans, because of our imperfect nature have the tendency of making the same mistakes twice but it’s important to know what made it a mistake the first time. The best we can do is to just deal with it. There is no need “killing a dead fowl”. Finding a solution to avoid repeating the same mistakes is paramount.

What are our values?

Here value represents that thing you know you are good at even with no prior training or exercise. When you know what you are worth, then you know how to sell yourself to the public and at a suitable cost. Lacking the least bit of what you can do makes you always question your capability, which also goes along to limit your productivity.

Second, it’s hard for people to be themselves nowadays, it’s even more difficult for people to know their real potential.

How determined are you?

Most people are so contented with what they have they don’t even get to exercise their full potential. There are people who have never thought of that fact. why? Well, blame it on their environment and background situations, while some think it is too much work and time wasted

It’s hard these days to choose what we want to be and yet even harder to accept that what is meant to be, will be. For example; There is a friend who is studying to be a petroleum engineer while he stumbles on an acting career. Years later, it’s proven that he is actually a good actor. Now, he is not only having a job but already pursuing a career. My big question is, should he drop the acting career and go back to studying to be a petroleum engineer because he really wants to be a petroleum engineer? or should he instead try to register for some acting classes to further his existing career?

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