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Bank of America is one financial institution employing a biometric convenience strategy with its new App Linking feature.


With fingerprint scanning, customers can easily switch between the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Merrill Edge, and U.S. Trust apps without having to authenticate their information each time. The feature is implemented as a button inside the app that recognizes biometric data from the user’s fingerprint. Adding this feature shows Bank of America’s dedication to understanding their users’ in-app behaviors. Bank of America recognizes how often users switch between apps and eliminates the friction with biometric technology to make the mobile app experience more user-focused.
Is it usable?
User experience design is becoming more refined every day. New technologies and polished mobile apps are giving modern banking customers the leeway to demand just as much quality from financial institutions as they receive from other mobile app services. Mobile bank users want access to financial services on-the-go and as a result, mobile banking apps need to be limitless, but no technology is perfect.

Biometric authentication doesn’t work every single time: some iris scanners won’t work with colored contacts, eye print ID doesn’t work if you can’t keep your phone still enough for the scanner, and ambient noise can interfere with voice recognition. For security, banking apps must have a fallback authentication method, but banks need to find the right balance between multi-factor security and mobile app usability. Implementing biometric authentication is meant to eliminate log-in pain points rather than present them to users in a different form.


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