On one end, you have convenience, so ease of use is one of the most fascinating advantages.


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I also think that assistance can be another in such situations because you management everything, so if something happens, you have total management over the advisor.


We are the one returning to pat and one throat to choke in a assistance situation. If something goes incorrect with the facilities, you contact up our assistance. Our assistance is awesome, we’ve got usually 24 by 7 by 365 technical assistance group.

You can contact us up, plus we also have implementations within the selection itself where if something goes incorrect, you can allow a assistance tunnel that gets to our assistance group. So you can basically have individuals working on a problem in just a few seconds in comparison to hours to get a technical on place, plus the system itself, a lot of where our patented technology is, is around not only that storage area part but also the orchestration selection.


We have done a lot with the way that we do kind of collectors that nourish into a checked value system that nourish into this condition engine, much like when the check engine light pops on, on the car, what we’ve got the capability of doing, is going in and not only reporting on these errors, but also getting very complex situations and fixing them to develop this self-healing kind of atmosphere. And I think we’ve got 27 patents or something wrapped up around just the way that we do that whole selection and the condition checking, and then nourish that into state gadgets that actually take care of handling the complexness of a number out allocated system.

Yes. And everything is roofed, so it’s usually all the ingredients, all the system, and your premium technical assistance group is roofed and included in right away.

You want to plug that to this? Oh, that’s an additional certification fee.’ And we are vehemently in comparison to that whole ‘license every feature’ [approach], so not only everything that we’ve got, but everything we’re coming out with is roofed and included in.

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