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Generating Leads Via Promoted Pins On Pinterest- Social Media Paid Ads

    Sales and lead generation, Social media tips    September 16, 2016


Learn How to Start Generating Quality Leads with Promoted Pins on Pinterest

The scenario is changed for the businesses since social media came into picture. Social media is one of the most effective sources to market your product in today’s time. It is leading to huge benefits for the businesses. With promoted posts on social media even more fruitful results are getting achieved.

Talking about promoted pins, these have made promoting and advertising quite interesting and effective. Often people mistake Pinterest advertising as complicated but it is not so rather it is very simple, Moreover the ones who have experienced Facebook ads will find it exciting.

Pinterest has been a continuous source for inspiring people to make shopping decision based on the collection of pictures present with it. Let us find out how to utilize it to generate leads with promoted pins.

Below listed are some of the tips that highlights about generating leads through promoted pins.

Let us take a look at these:

1. Business Account On Pinterest

This is the primary step to get started in the direction of lead generation for your business. You need to have username in the name of your business. It would require your website verification as well as authorize rich pins feature. Make sure you are able to access Pinterest directly from your website and that your website has Pinterest widget. With this you would be able to post pins directly from your website.

2. Have A Clear Picture Of Target Audience

Promoted pins allows you to choose your target audience’s location, device as well as age group and other demographics. So you need to have a clear idea as to who your target audience is. 

Until you know your target audience, you cannot frame any strategy to reach them. Not only in case of promoted pins rather this point applies to all kinds of advertising.


3. Payment

You only need to pay when someone clicks at your pin. Yes, Pinterest promoted pins work on pay per click basis. If you are finding it similar to Google Adwords than you are absolutely right. It is indeed similar Google Adwords as far as ‘Pay per click’ feature is concerned.  

Promoted pins does not show up in the personal feeds. Users can see them while searching on Pinterest. You would be required to enter a few keywords that could help your promoted pin appear in the search results.


4. Track The Response

Keep on tracking the response your promoted pin is generating as it goes live. You must also relook into the performance of your past pins and if you find them doing well then promote these as well. 

This way, these will not only be restricted to your current followers but will reach to a large group of audience where lies your target audience.


5. Do Smart work & Be Creative

You cannot always come up with hot pins that go viral as these would require a lot of time and brain inputs. But smart work is always a way out. You can make your pins exciting in other ways. 

You can attract audience to your pins by lining them to your website like video tutorial, coupons, samples, discounts, templates and various other things that could drive the audience towards your pin.


6. Abide By The Rules

Do not put what is not allowed on Pinterest like deceiving/bad content, call to actions (as it is not allowed by Pinterest), any sort of promotional thing, price tags etc. 

If you break the rules and does not keep your pins in proper format, you will get blocked by Pinterest. Therefore, try to be as accurate as possible in your pins and avoid using anything(in your pins) that can hamper your Pinterest presence.

These were certain tips that can help you grow your reach, your business and get your more and more leads via promoted pins on Pinterest. Do try and make use of these and see the difference yourself.

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