Ad publishing policy -What type of ads not to submit to Adsnity?

Originally posted on August 31, 2013 @ 9:02 am

A List of the Types of ads you may submit to Adsnity | What types of advertising is prohibited on Adsnity ?

Please also read on why your posted/ live ads may get deleted after noticing some spammy use? 

Adsnity is an International classified website for free online advertising. We get visitors from United States, Asia, Europe, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Antarctica, etc. We value the privacy and online security of our precious users. To maintain the safety and privacy of our users we have created this ‘ad publishing policy’.

This is very important to notice for all advertisers and marketers that violating our policies will get you banned from our site- for permanently.


We don’t just accept anything or everything that may not be in the best interest of the end user of Adsnity. We believe in universally acceptable items and content and want only that to be appear on Adsnity in order to make it safe and secure for all ages users.


Majority matters in the majority of times ! 


We don’t believe in the majority blindly. But, in the cases, when it is for the benefits of others, we always do. If some thing is not acceptable and thought to be good for a bigger part, we will not try to promote or advertise it here on Adsnity.

What types of ads are not allowed on Adsnity?


All the advertisers, marketers, promoters, ad posters, and business owners are requested to please don’t waste your precious time while submitting the types of ads listed below –


We don’t allow such types of classified ads on Adsnity –


  • Drugs, Illegal stuff, Affiliate links, spams, anti-social,
  • Adultery products, adults related content, escorts, etc
  • Black magic OR Love spell cast etc.
  • Lottery, Gambling.
  • Harm full software, products.

And when can your ads get deleted?


As soon as our moderators notice any ad that violates ad posting rules and some basic guidelines, your live ad(s) may get deleted instantly. Please read below given points carefully :-


  1. Ads that are duplicate– If you post the same ad in multiple categories then your ads will be deleted upon notice. Spammers post multiple ads in the same or different categories without any CHANGE in content. Some users post many ads (only with different titles) using same ad content. Such ads will be deleted on the spot. If you want to post many ads, please change the content of the ads from previous ones and convert them into Unique ads.
  2. Ads with all description in CAPITAL letters will be deleted. Please use sentence case while submitting your ads. 

Don’t waste your precious time in submitting ads for the above listed categories or types as they will never get published on Adsnity.


Please don’t get offended and try to understand our point of view on this for which we are unable to compromise with. This is in order to make Adsnity safe, and secure for all ages users. 


If rarely we have missed and allowed such content on Adsnity -in that case -request you all to please let us know if you find such content/ advertisement getting promoted on Adsnity. Thanks. Good luck for your business !!

Once you have read these simple ad posting policies, you may easily post free ads on Adsnity and can generate lot of free leads and sales without paying anything for online advertising.