Advertising Tips and Techniques on How to Post Ads- 10 best ways to Use!

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Online advertising tips and techniques : Best ways to post ads to get maximum online ad views



Online advertising tips and techniques

Online advertising- 

Online advertising is referred to ad posting and classified listings here. Posting ads on classified and advertising sites is one of the most popular and commonly/widely used means of online promotion or online marketing.  

Best ways to post your adverts online


Advertising tips –


Advertising tips provided in this post are very effective and self tested in the span of long period spent over the Internet posting ads and submitting classifieds to all types of advertising webs.


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Advertising techniques-


We have mentioned here some effective tips on ad posting that prove very useful and result oriented for anyone who is involved in ad posting projects for personal, business, or professional level.

Use all of the Advertising techniques listed here and i am sure your skill set will grow to a large extent and your ads will be receiving much more ad views compared to the past.

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Advertising tips and techniques  Posting online ads is one of the most prominent part of the online advertising projects and campaigns. online ads posting may be put into two types as per the ownership of the end product-


  1. Online ads posted directly by the business owner
  2. Online ads posted by third-party or hired employees.


In any case, it’s very important to know the basics and main points of online ads posting in order to get the maximum output of your online advertising & marketing efforts.


Keep the following things in mind while posting online ads and to ensure that ads posted by you get you the maximum output and results for your online campaigns. The success of your online marketing and advertising heavily depends on the way you handle your online ad posting projects.


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And marketing your business on the Internet could fetch you great rewards in terms of leads and cost as online advertising is rather cheaper, easier, faster, and result oriented. In this way you can promote your online/ offline products in front of the people who matter the most for your business.


  1. Create multiple copies for each and every ad of your products.
  2. Do not just copy and paste your ads. Some ad posters pick ads and start pasting it on multiple classified sites. This is not recommended as many of the reputed classified website owners do not like people posting copied/duplicate content on their site since it degrades their search engine rankings. That’s why they do not allow same content repeated on their classified website.
  3. Post unique, original, and authentic ads on classified sites. In this way your ads would get top on the search results and would be viewed by most of the interested users on that classified site.
  4. Use as many images as possible. Images create curiosity and reliability among potential customers. Search engines love images and they rank those ads higher that have images imbedded in them. That’s is the reason why most of the advertising sites allow/encourage their users to insert images in their classifieds. 
  5. Use links and HTML codes properly whenever their is an option to use HTML content. Always give a link back to the original product website. It also enhances SEO value to your product website you are promoting to.
  6. Make a list of good classified websites. It’s rather much better to post ads on 50 good classified websites than posting ads on 500 random classifieds sites.
  7. Always update/push/edit your ads after 15-30 days, so that your ads remain fresh, updated, and current to the time frame.
  8. Mention all the possible contact details in your ads. This makes your ads look genuine, real, and original. It attracts the users who are searching for the particular product you are promoting.
  9. Do not give any false details/allurance to the viewers. It’s the quality and    reliability of your products in offering that attract users to buy your products, not the false/excessive promises.
  10. Make the headlines/ titles of your ads attractive, unique, trendy, catchy, and true to the nature of the product.


Remember, posting online ads is also a great tool for getting relevant and filtered viewers as your ads will be viewed by only those people who are  interested in things similar to your ads.


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Today, online advertising is a popular way to promote your business or services online. And, the classifieds and online advertising sites offer free ways to market your business. Contact us for digital marketing, SEO, social media related services.