5 Must Posses Marketing Tools for Getting Leads for Business Success with Social Media

Originally posted on September 17, 2016 @ 3:56 am

Latest Social Media Tools You Must Know About.

How to get success with social media marketing using some popular tools 


Success doesn’t come that easy. Even when you give your 100% to something, still it remains unpredictable as to whether it will be a success or not. Same goes for social media marketing campaigns. Entrepreneurs, marketers despite of doing so much planning and putting in their maximum efforts fail to predict the outcome.


To be very honest here, those who believe that social media platforms have it all to make your marketing campaign a success then it is not so. There arises a need of additional supportive tools which could help utilize the social media platforms in the best manner. Although there are numerous such tools available today yet the latest and upcoming ones will be the highlights of this article.

But, before proceeding ahead with them we must first lay down the basis on which to ascertain the results.



The success of any social media campaign can be measured in terms of overall rate of return on investment (ROI). Now, some tools are helpful in targeting i.e allowing you to target your audience more accurately by providing more data.


Secondly, some tools are helpful or we can say supportive & directed towards investment part, helping you spend money & time in a proper way & work in an efficient manner.


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5 Best Tools for Social Media Marketing


Let us take a look at some of the up-coming tools here:-



1- Social Oomph:- A Great Social Media Management Tool



This great social media tool allows you to connect all your social media profiles into one area. It is the only provider that allows you to set up auto-follows, auto-direct messages, and auto-responders, but this is a premium upgrade feature. Both free as well as paid versions for managing multiple social media accounts are offered here.

Social Oomph make life much easier for the ones who do not have much time to control and organize their multiple social media profiles. Unlimited access to unlimited numbers of profiles on social media sites are offered by this social media management tool.


2- Mailshake:- for email and influencing marketing




Mailshake marketing tool



Mailshake tool works on one of the most important aspect of email marketing which is influence marketing. As we know that this is one of the biggest trends when it comes to marketing campaigns and allows you to increase the visibility of your posts as well as brand.


Mailshake is doing its best promotion via engaging with the influencers who can have a great impact on the audience. What Mailshake does is, it automates and improves your influencer relationships.

This tool streamlines your influencer marketing campaign by allowing you to engage with new influencers. For references you have made to other brands, notifier automatically searches your content by plugging it in, tracking the brands social information so that they can get notified that you have mentioned/ quoted them.


Useful Features of the Mailshake-


Guest posts
check Content promotion
check Lead generation
check Link-building
check PR Pitches

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3- Real Geeks’ Facebook Marketing Tool:-



As the name indicates, this tool connects your Facebook ad campaign directly to your website. This tool is basically for real estate agents and Realtors. Attractive & captivating ads that lead to more leads and conversions are created by this game changer tool & also it drives the audience towards your highly optimized landing pages.


Herein with this tool, the tracking and conversion pixel are automatically added to your website. Facebook is one great platform to generate more business and build brand awareness, therefore with this supportive tool results can be more favorable.

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4- Crate:- This tool lets you easily share the most relevant content to engage your audience and saves your “me time.”



With crate you can find the best performing content on the web. All you are required to do is just plug in the types of content you want to see and a list of the topics that have performed best on social media will be generated by crate. In order to write better content for your own blog, this tool can be used as an inspiration.

To put it precisely, crate helps you find the best content, uncovering the best links that are shared on the web.


5- Sprout Social:-



Although it is similar to Hootsuite yet it stands different in terms of functionality. If you compare the two, you can see that sprout social offers more resilient functionality. Sprout Social provides a platform for businesses to manage social media engagement, publishing and analytics.


Users can easily connect to all major social media platform, schedule posts, track progress in terms of likes, engagements, and user activity, and keep a check on how the content is performing.

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