Why your ad(s) got deleted? Read tips for posting classified ads that surely go live and get huge number of ad views!

Originally posted on May 17, 2014 @ 9:01 am

Read about the Reasons – If some or any of your ad(s) got deleted on Adsnity

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Please read the below mentioned reasons if you are not able to post ads that go live on the site. You will get to know why your ads got deleted or are still pending in the submission queue at your Ad Manager/dashboard.


Adsnity.com is dedicated to offer you the best options to advertise your products, business, or services online without any fees or charges. And, to make it neat, clean, spam-free, and safe classified site for all ages user groups, we moderate the submitted ad listing regularly and each ad comes under moderation before going live on the site.


It helps us to make Adsnity user-friendly, SEO optimized classifieds website , and safe place for all the users that visit us.

But, some ad posters and advertisers try to violate our basic rules, policy, and guidelines by posting wrong ads or right ads in wrong ways.


For the reason, We request all the ad posters and advertisers to read the below mentioned posts before posting any ads, if they are in a doubt-


Ad publishing policy – What not to advertise at Adsnity


How to post ads- best ways to create an ad that sells


And there could be various other reasons for which your ads may be deleted, your account closed, or you are blocked from the site.

List of the reasons for the ad deletion-


Problem:- Some users use repeat the description in their ads. And, also few advertisers put a very long description in the fields that are meant for brief words.

Remedy :- Please read carefully the guidlines mentioned in every place before posting in any fields in the ad submision form.

Problem :- Some of the new users post multiple ads in different categories with the same content/ad details

Remedy :- Please remove duplicate content. And don’t post same description in all ads- they get marked as duplicates- Rewrite the ad in your own words- post unique/different/original content in your ads and see the difference :-

  • Your ads will get huge traffic from search engine
  • Will be accepted immediately
  • You will be considered as a valuable and quality advertiser on our site ( and there are certains benefits for that!)

Problem:- If you post an ad with a very less content or details

Remedy:- PLEASE Provide at least 50 WORDS AD DESCRIPTION

Problem:- Posting ads in random ad categories Without searching/noticing the right category for you ad.

Remedy:- Please list an ad in a right Category that appears to be the most suitable.

Problem :- Advertisers submit ads in a language other than English (American/British)

Remedy:- Please post ads Only in English

Problem :- You have placed your website address, but your website LINK not working or is broken

Please make sure your website address is correct and the link is not dear or redirected . No Links allowed in place of keywords

Please dont post Adult or  ‘Escort’ related ads

Please don’t submit ads related to harmful drugs, pills, sedatives, etc.

Tip# To get your ads ranked well on Adsnity we strongly advise to update your ‘About Me” page by going to your Ad dashboard.

Tip# Read on how you can post unlimited ads on Adsnity


If you have read the above mentioned tips and guidelines properly, please feel free to post an ad on Adsnity