Want to Know how to Post unlimited ads FREE on Adsnity?

Originally posted on December 24, 2013 @ 3:20 am

Post Unlimited FREE ads – BUT not duplicates. You may submit unlimited ads with unique, and different content

How to post unlimited ads? – We have observed many users post multiple ads with the same content. They just post the same ad description and details. The only change is categories. Yes, they submit the same ad to different categories. This is called SPAMMING. This is untolerable and inhumane!

DO’sYou can post as many ads as you wish on Adsnity.com provided that they all have :-

  1. Different title
  2. Different and unique discription
  3. Different images, if any
  4. Make your ad description readable, unique, and comprehensive

Don’ts  Consider the below mentioned points. Don’t post an ad that violets these things-   

  • Don’t post the same ad many times in different categories. It does’t make they different ads. They all look the same. This is spam, once noticed, they will be deleted. And, i am sure they will given that we constantly moderate and monitor our classified to make it a better place. 
  • DO NOT USE ALL CAPS IN TITLES OR DESCRIPTION (see how bad it looks?)
  • Please don’t submit non-English ads, they will be deleted. Because, to English users they all look like this : #$%^&^&^$@ (&<<?X?@%^

Once you know the rules, Start posting free classified ads on Adsnity and market your products online.

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