LifeVac Vs DeChoker – Which Device is Better?


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LifeVac and DeChoker are both the devices that help victims recover from airway obstruction. Both the devices work on the same principle and serve the same purpose. Both are easy to use, which makes it more difficult to decide which one out of two one should purchase. Here’s the comparison which will help one understand each one of them better to make a decision before purchasing

What is LifeVac?
A safe and quick device made to clear breathing passage for reviving a victim with an air passage impediment. It is a wireless and non- chargeable device for one time use only. The LifeVac kit contains three masks and suction device, with easy instruction guide and choking prevention tips manual . Simply place the mask on the victim’s face covering mouth and nose . This will create the vacuum , so that no air can go out. Push the plunger, the air will vent out on the sides, firmly holding the mask in place and then give a swift pull. The time consumed by LifeVac is marginal . It is simple and convenient to use in case of emergency.

LifeVac is authorized by physicians and the government. It is a Class one medical device , that means , it does not need Food and Drug Administration’s approval. But it is registered with the FDA . LifeVac has saved many lives all around the world. It is available online all over the world.

What is DeChoker?
A device use to clear airway passage made for resuscitating a patient with a breathing passage obstruction. It can be used on anyone from age 6 months to 96 years . DeChoker can be used if the patient is conscious or unconscious. It can also be used whether the patient is sitting, standing or lying down. The DeChoker kit contains a mask to seal the area between mask and skin so that no air can go out and a tongue depressor passing from the centre of the mask . It also contains a plastic tube or exhaust valve with plunger or pull handle which pulls the air through , and quick instruction manual. It can be used regardless of any health related problem.

DeChoker is registered with the FDA. The DeChoker is also used to remove any pieces or remains present in airway passage during an accident. It is also used as an emergency medical aid. It is available online all over the world.

How does LifeVac work?
LifeVac uses a suction method to pull the airway obstruction from the airway passage in minimal time.

Firstly, place the mask on the face covering the mouth and nose, and make sure that the mask is sealed so that it forms a vacuum . Now, push the plunger. The air will vent out on the sides sucking the junk or piece from the airway passage. At the end, swiftly pull the mask. This will revive the victim from choking. The breath will be expected, and the victim’s body will be in a better condition

How does DeChoker work?
DeChoker is a tube- like shaped equipment that works on the principle that shows it sucks the obstruction out from the trachea.

It works the same as LifeVac . Use the device like a tongue depressor , firstly, push down the tongue and insert the tube inside the mouth. Make sure that a proper size of mask is chosen. The mask needs to cover both the mouth and the nose. It should get a good seal . Push the head back and chin up and after applying the firm pressure to get the good seal, pull back the plunger. Now check if you got the obstruction out of the trachea . If you didn’t , push the plunger back , which goes through the exhaust valve and then do the process again. This medical aid will help a victim to land into a better condition.

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