Why Arranged Marriages Are Still Trending in Nepal?


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Marriage ceremonies are a notable occurrence in everyone’s life, and how they are arranged varies greatly across the globe. Arranged marriages continue to be the standard in Nepal culture. When the bride and groom are pre-arranged by their parents and family, it is known as an arranged marriage. Nepal places a high value on arranged marriages as a country that is mainly focused on social practices and traditions. Value to the wedding day, the bride and groom are ineffectual to see or even see each other’s faces.
Arranged marriages are famous in Nepalese Hindu culture, and Hindus believe that marriages are made in heaven. When their son or daughter reaches the age of marriage, their parents find a groom or bride by relatives or people they meet, who are known as middlemen or “Lami” in Nepali. If the groom or bride has been chosen, the parents will meet the Astrologers/Priests to show if the bride and groom is a compatible match. Both the bride and groom’s star signs are paired for this reason. The lami, or middle person, who helps as a messenger for both families, is interested in all features of wedding planning.
Going for an arranged marriage, can look a little out of date in these days and age of online dating and love affairs that lead to marriage. Astonishingly, this idea has been a part of our tradition for decades and continues to notably affect our society. Lots of people want to marry in an arranged marriage. According to the searchings of a few surveys, the global divorce rate in arranged marriages is relatively low, Which can be why 90% of marriages in Nepal are arranged. So, what makes this cultural method so effective in today’s world? Here are many potential explanations.
The level of anticipation
You rarely know your companion in an arranged marriage and would take your time to learn more about them. You start the relationship with low expectations, and both sides notice and change situations in order to make the marriage succeed. In reality, you know the person for who he or she is and do not have the right to claim that you dated anyone else before the wedding and that he or she changed after the wedding.
The Choices
When it comes to arranged marriages, you can be spoiled for options. You will search the right match online when seated in the amiability of your own home with your friends, thanks to matrimonial applications and blogs. It is not needed that your interceding relatives or neighbors carry you “bihe ko kura” and introduce you to a potential groom or bride’s skin. In fact, you have complete control over the process and should find someone who respects your views and core values.
Social Compatibility
You don’t just marry your partner, you marry his or her whole family, as they advise. Your parents are worried about your prospective spouse’s cultural heritage, professional credentials, socioeconomic standing, and ability to join a new family, all of which contribute to a smoother married life. You have no choice but to hold anything in love marriage.
The courtship period
The aim of an arranged marriage is changing along with society. Before making a decision, couples like to meet many times to discuss their desires from marriage. Not just that, but even families are fine with a long bonding time if it permits the bride and groom to get to know each other better.
Parental decision
In the Nepalese conditions, most of the parents like the same religion, caste, and community for the marital relationship of their children. So, they try to arrange their children’s marriage within the same caste and religion. Parents, doubtlessly, have more experience with what comes after marriage and know what is right for their children. They have an amazing understanding of you, your interests, and the dynamics of the friendship.
If it’s love or arranged marriage, you must take an instance of trusting and pray for a happier family life at the end of the day. Marriage is a bet because there is no other way to know how it will work out. What counts is that no one should be forced to make this decision and that they should only tie the knot when they are able.

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