Advertiser Guide/Tips to use Adsnity in Best Ways to get Maximum Ad Views (=leads, sales)

Originally posted on August 25, 2014 @ 8:19 am


Adsnity for your online advertising needs : Promote your Services, Company, Products, Business, or any items online!



Welcome to! An easy and effective platform to generate leads, make sales, promote your services, and Market your company or products. Best ways to post ads for maximum ad views offers you a greatly effective  free opportunity to advertise online your business, product, company, OR any anything you think should be advertised ! You can post various types of classifieds on Adsnity, such as : Buy-Sell ads, Job Recruitment, Consumer Products, electronics, Digital items, so and so items.

Read these advertising tips to get good page views 


Ad Views could get converted in any/all of these- lead generation, sales, brand making, marketing, pre-sales, subscription, etc. In brief, we can easily see a direct (indirect) relationship between ad views and sales (the ultimate goal of any advertiser or marketer).

Ad page views = Promotion + Branding + Marketing + Leads + Sales

You can easily start promoting your business or company by adding your business to the Adsnity’s Free listing categories. Your Website link enabled ad posting. Create your online business profile.

One click registration and login to your Adsnity Classified Account through social media sites gives ‘online advertising’ a whole new meaning !

Connect your Adsnity Profile with the social networking accounts and share your ads to your networks via Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo!


 5 Best things to do while posting online ads to maximize ad views for your posted ads (follow these simple tips) :-


  1. First of all, use a unique and descriptive title for your ads (50-60 characters long)
  2. Give a unique and sizable description to your ad (minimum 100 words)
  3. Use images in your ads and give keywords rich titles to your images!
  4. Update your user profile properly. You can edit your profile here.
  5. Share your ads on Facebook, Google Plus. And, bookmark your ads to your Google bookmarking account