Post ads on Adsnity without registration- signup. Know how!

Originally posted on November 30, 2013 @ 7:42 pm

Advertisers may post classifieds ads on without registering or signing up. just connect with your Google, Facebook, or Yahoo account in one click! 


Stay hassle free. Take no burden. No need to remember your id or passwords. Just be connected safely with your social account that you use everywhere online.

Yes, We at Adsnity could not make it simpler than this! As per the growing trends, most of the web platforms today offer their users login or sign up facility through their social accounts that they use every day. In order to make a sign up/login/registration process easy, simple, and comfortable many webs now let their users connect using popular social media/networking accounts, like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. In this way users may connect and use a web service within 5 seconds after landing on the website.


How to post classified ads on without signup or registration?


It’s very simple : Just click on register a new account to post ads or visit the Home page of Adsnity Premium classified. There you will find an option to ‘one click registration’ using your personal social networking accounts.


Your account details are safe and secure with us!


We don’t have any access on your social accounts. Neither we share your information else where. You can see most of the big Internet leaders, such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter allow their users to utilize their online services by letting them connect through via main stream social accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc. It offers one click registration/ sign up/ login. You can immediatly start using any type of online services being offered.


No need to store passwords, remember user name, or varify your account credentials while joining Adsnity using your social media accounts. 


5 basic Benefits of connecting with other websites while using one of your social networking personal accounts


  1. You can join a website immediately with one click while using any of the best social media accounts .
  2. No need to fill registeration forms. (while some sites still ask for some basic details, like display name, email id, etc.)
  3. You are not required to varify your account details when you join using your personal social media accounts.
  4. No need to remember passwords or user name. Every time you login to such website you don’t have to submit user name or password details, instead you can directly login with one click. That’s the beauty of joining a website with your personal social networking accounts.
  5. If you want to comment or share something on a item listed on the connected site, you can easily do that bypassing the required user account information.

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