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Originally posted on August 22, 2014 @ 6:49 pm

Post Free Ads Online Global Classified Sites for Online Advertising


Post free ads for Real Estate , Automobiles, Cars, Pets, Properties, Business, Services, Housing property, Web designing, Tuition, Education, Shops, Stores, Job openings, Astrology, Financials Business Monetary, Loans, Holiday Travel, Computers, Laptops.

If you are looking to sell anything online then posting ads on classified websites is a great technique for sellers, advertisers, business owners, service providers, and Internet marketers. Today, there is a huge demand for good classified websites due to the increased volume of online selling and buying of items and services in every industry and sector. From real estate to education sector, from consumer products to financial services, everything is being promoted online.


Post free ads for all the major ad categories: Automobiles, Real Estate, Cars, Business, Pets, Services, Housing-property, Web-designing, Tuition, Education, Shops, Job Vacancies, Loans, Travel, Computers, Laptops, Buy-sell.

Posting classified ads online is quick, cheaper, and effective. This is the reason why millions of online advertisers are in constant look out for good classified website.

Countrywise Classified Sites 2024 to Post Free Ads Online

If you have to publish ads frequently and if you need listing of good classified sites for online advertising through ad posting then you should check our website for information about such portals. Apart from publishing ads on our website you can post classified ads on other similar classified sites for free advertising for your business, product, or services. You will get country wise list of classified sites for online ad publishing. such as,

UAE Classified Sites | UK Classified Sites | New Zealand Classified Sites |


What is a good classified website?

Simply speaking
, any classified website which is capable of generating good ad views is considered to be a good classified website. Though, there are other important features that separate good classified websites from the herd of average and ordinary classified sites.

Why Adsnity? why it is good classified site for posting online ads?

, this has already been discussed in details in an another post. But, to give you a brief idea about Adsnity, i would like to see these important properties and features of the site :-

  1. Number of average page views received by every ad.
  2. New users can Directly log in to Adsnity using Facebook, Google,  or it Yahoo accounts and start posting ads immediately.
  3. Every published ad is shared on a group of several social networks which helps in getting more social traffic for the Adsnity ads.
  4. To maximize lead generation efforts you can use our Featured or Premium ad service which costs you $5 per featured ad. Every featured ad is displayed on Home page as well as on top of the related category of the ad.
  5. Life long ads. Yes, you can post ads that last for ever! These ads don’t get expired and you don’t need to relist or repost them. They remain live for unlimited time!! This is a unique service only offered by Adsnity. You can make an ad live for lifelong period only in $2!!!

What are you waiting for?

Grab the opportunity and start promoting your business or services online on Adsnity and make a difference to your online marketing and lead generation process! Post free ads for the major ad categories, such as –