Report Abusive Ads, Privacy Theft, or illegal items

Originally posted on January 29, 2014 @ 11:12 am

Please report us IF you find any abusive, offensive, or illegal classified ads listed at Adsnity

We care the safety and privacy of our users at Adsnity and we abide by all the legal and humanity rules! We strive to make our classified site safe and secure for all ages/races group. Therefore, we request all our audience to please report us immediately if you find any content/ad(s) on Adsnity that impose(s) threat to the rules, laws, policies, and regulations that are set to provide safe and secure user experience on the web.

WE dont promote harmful, unsafe content on Adsnity. Examples of some of them are listed below. If you find something that is against the rules, privacy policies and common guidelines please update us immediately about the same.

  • Harmful drugs/medicines
  • Illegal products, items
  • Your copyrighted material/images/etc
  • Adult, and abusive content
  • Fake personal detals
  • Identity theft/ pictures

If you find anything illegel or offensive please DO report us. And if you are concerned about something posted on Adsnity which seems/appears/is offensive/abusive to you in any manner- do report us by contacting Adsnity and we will answer your concerns as quickly as possible!