Social Media Marketing- 6 Tactics For Getting Maximum Exposure

Originally posted on December 20, 2016 @ 10:50 pm

Tips to increase your Business Presence over Popular Social Media Sites.

When it comes to promoting your brand, there exist a lot of options in front of you and out of which social media marketing always stays at the forefront. Although there are numerous tactics of social media marketing too but which all are effective and efficient is what needed to be considered because not all tips and tricks work. Some give desired results while some fail at it. 

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The Best Techniques for Marketing over Social Media

There are multiple basis on which you categorize the effectiveness of social media marketing tactics. The amount of efforts you are putting in the execution of those tactics matters.

Now, in this article you will read about some of the best social media tactics that gets you great return on your least initial investment.

Let us take a look at these:-


6 Great Techniques to up your Social Media Marketing Game:



1- Distribution of Content:-

Content distribution in the right manner through right platforms is important. Social media, one of the fastest emerging trends today must be utilised at its best here. Make sure that as you publish any post, you use your social media channels so as to increase the visibility of your post, your content.

Share it on all social media sites where the chances of finding or we must say existing your target audience is more.

Share posts on Facebook, Twitter as these are the biggest ones in social media world. Doing the aforesaid will drive traffic to your post, get your more customers, increase customer loyalty & above all help in improving your SEO.

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2- Re-Distributing the Content:-

When you re-post the older posts time to time or let us better say occasionally, then we call this activity as redistribution of the content. It is always good to increase the value of content by posting it on rotational basis when you feel the time is apt.

There are various advantages of doing so one of which is that you will always have something relevant to post to stay regular on social media. Also your followers/viewers will have something new to see/read. This will maximize the long term value of your content as well.

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3- Influencer Marketing:-

The most effective of all the tactics is influencer marketing & which is very much in trend today as most of the companies are following this trick to grow the reputation of their brand. Yes, influencer marketing is a great way to earn name & reputation in the market.

When your brand get endorsed by or when some inspiring personality talks about & for your brand, its status increases tenfold in the eyes of the viewers, the prospective customers. Also, when engaging on social media, it gets you more followers too.

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4- Discussion Engagement:-

If you want to attract more and more people to your brand then what could be the better way than engaging in discussion. Those who are not aware of your brand will also get involved in the discussion and get to know about the brand whereas on the other hand, the ones who are familiar with your brand will feel motivated, happy and strong being a part of your community.

There can be different ways to start or get involved in the discussion. All you need to is to “sound interesting” so that you can grab the attention of all but be relevant.

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5- Run Contests:-

The best way to attract audience attention towards you is by organising contests online. People love to win prizes, rewards, recognition. When users will see contest related posts, they will share it with their friends, family and this way the visibility of your content will increase indirectly. The contest must be such that users can relate it to and find it interesting. The prize you pay to the contest winner will come back to you once the brand name goes viral or say becomes famous.

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6- Live Updates:-


People are more interested in real time happenings, experiences & updates. When you post live updates, it gets them excited. These could be anything like some event taking place or you attending one, so you can take pictures or make short video and shoot across on social media to share with your audience.

These are all the ways to generate content that interests your audience. This is one of the great tactics to up your social media marketing game.

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