5 Best ways to successfully post online advertisements on any classified site and generate huge leads!

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How to advertise on classified sites  : Best ways to write an ad | Follow the advertising tips to get huge leads and traffic via online ad posting


Posting advertisement and online ads on classified sites or any advertising site is a special art and you should be skilled enough to generate good amount of leads for your online advertising activities. Use the advertising tips mentioned  here to follow the best ways to advertise on classified sites.


If you abide by these advertising techniques, surely your submitted ads will get published and it will receive good attention from your potential clients and customers.


Here we will discuss good ways to post an advertisement on any classified site as well as importance of using keywords in your ads.


We have noticed, most of the ad posters or online advertisers are not aware about the best ways of advertising online on classified/ job boards/ classified forums/ advertising sites.


This fact has fueled us to publish this separate post on how to post an ad successfully on advertising sites or what are the best ways to successful ad posting or advertising.


After reading this post you would be a better ad poster, if not the best! Posting ads on classified sites in right ways helps advertisers as well as the classified sites itself.

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If you follow the below instructions and tips your classified advertisement not only get accepted quickly but also you would receive a good lead generation for the products you are advertising for :-

#1  Advertising product details


This is a very important point in deciding the quality and effectiveness of your advertisement. Fill as much as possible product details by providing the product description, company name, contact address, phone numbers, price, location, etc.


Customers or users judge your ad by these details, if they find all the product details mentioned in the advertisement, it compels them to check that product and it is very helpful for you for a pre-sell prospective.  Giving thorough product details to the users creates  positive impression and  reliability in your potential customer’s mind.

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#2 Full Ad Description


Providing full description to your advertisement is very crucial in respect to search engine visibility of your ads. Best way is to write your ad description by using all the related keywords and key-phrases that you want to rank higher for your ads in search engine results page (SERP) .


Providing full ad description in the starting paragraphs of your ad makes your ad very SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. One of the best ways to make sure your ad gets published by the moderators of the classified sites is to put good fresh description for your ad. Do not Copy paste the ad content from somewhere else.


It makes your ad stale and copy cat which will eventually leave a degrading impression and not rank higher in searching. Provide the classified description in at least 200-300 words.

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#3  Ad Language


Make sure you post/publish your ad in the same language as of your classified site. If your advertising classified site is in English, and you post an ad in French, Hindi, or Urdu language-either it will be rejected by site moderator or it will not rank on that advertisement site.

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 #4 Adding images to your classified


Search engines love images and photos and so the classified sites. Inserting images or photos in your ads is one of the best practice to generate good leads for your products. Make sure you mention the Alt tag and titles for your images used in ads.


Your ads can show in image search results and it will also boost the chances of your ads appearing on the top of search results.


Use the correct file format and size for the images you are uploading/ inserting.


#5 Unique and fresh ad content


Classified moderators hate those advertiser who post an ad by just copy pasting their ads. It makes their classified site rank lower in search engine results as the ad will be seen as a duplicate ad taken from another site.


For an example, you submit a fresh ad on classified site X and after 5 days you post the same ad on another site, lets say classified site Y.


Now, when the moderator of classified Y sees this ad on their site, he/she will easily get to know ( they use online tools that shows them all this 😉  that this ad is already published on an another site and the ad content is also the same. Most probably your ad is not going to get published and your efforts and time would be lost.

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And why this ad would be considered dead for search engine results?


Well, when search engines index this ad classified Y, their robots instantly notice that this ad is a duplicate copy of the same ad on classified X.


So repeating your ads on different classified sites is not going to help you much, if not at all.

Most of the classified sites care about the duplicate content and they don’t want you to create duplicate ads on their site.


Remedy of duplicate content?

  1. The best way to get good success for your advertising efforts is to post fresh, new, unpublished ads that will lead you have maximum views for your ads.
  2. Or at least moderate/redefined/modify your ad up to 60-80%. This will save your ads from appearing as duplicate ad content.


..and most importantly, use keywords in your ads:-


Use of useful and relevant keywords in your ads make them search engine friendly and it changes the foundability of your ads drastically! Never hesitate to use keywords in your ads. Make them keywords rich BUT don’t overdo it OR they might look spam. The first paragraph of your ad description is the most important place to use keywords ( or related words)


If you follow the above mentioned best ways to post online ads while constructing an ad, classified site moderators and search engines all are gonna love it 🙂


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