Sitemile Themes Review- Best MarketPlace for WordPress Classifieds Themes

Originally posted on November 15, 2014 @ 4:13 am

Sitemile Online Market Place for Business Service Themes- Reviews of Premium WordPress Classifieds Theme


In this era of blogging and the internet, the importance of a Premium WordPress Classifieds Ads Theme like Sitemile cannot be overemphasized. Sitemile is a team of high-end WordPress programmers who come up with WordPress premium themes and maintain them with the aim of helping bloggers in maximizing their profits. Let us uncover how blogging can be simplified bit by bit in this Sitemile review.



Sitemile Themes Market Place for Classifieds, Auction sites, etc

To begin with, Sitemile deals in a wide variety of WordPress premium themes. These include Classified Ads theme, Responsive Auction theme, Project Bidding theme, Pricerr theme, Buzzler Business Directory theme, Penny Auction theme, TaskerDev Task Marketplace theme, Walleto Marketplace theme, JobMiner – Job Board theme, DealPress Group Buying theme and Auctions Plugin theme.





With the help of highly qualified Sitemile team, these themes can be modified in a myriad of ways, whether you want to change the logos, fonts or styles. Additionally, each Premium WordPress theme can be used in multiple sites but is not re-sellable after purchase. Any website hosting will do for these themes, though Sitemile recommends Linux Hosting.



Sitemile also offers WordPress Custom Programming Services such as e-commerce and shopping cart solutions alongside the creation and maintenance of premium themes. WordPress auction, reverse auction and custom plugins, themes, auto blog as well as review theme programming services are also offered. The list is long. Availability of IPhone, IPad and Android Custom Applications is the icing on the cake.


Documentation of various services offered


Sitemile makes blogging a walk in the park by documenting the nitty-gritty of the various premium WordPress themes. With the Classifieds Ads Theme for example, there is a comprehensive tutorial on translating your theme into the language of your choice and removing the admin bar.


A classified template is also available for those who are registered with Sitemile. This template is downloadable from the website and the installation process is easy, even to the technologically challenged users.


Elaborate customer care


The need for elaborate customer care in any computer or Internet application is paramount. In this case, Sitemile does not disappoint in every aspect of the word. There are demonstrations for each theme, and if you get bogged down in the process of using any of the afore-mentioned premium themes, you can always get in touch with the Sitemile support staff via Skype or email.


The support forum is also a great source of information where like-minded people share their experiences. One can also like the Sitemile Facebook page and get connected to the large community of Sitemile member and fans.

Charges and fees


With the quality of services offered by Sitemile, it is easy to think that its services cost an arm or a leg. However, Sitemile has very reasonable pricing strategies which accommodate all users and all budgets.


For instance, the responsive auction theme costs only $ 69 on the single starter mode, where only one website is supported. The mixed starter mode costs $ 99, the difference being the ‘remove site credits feature’, which is not available on the single mode.


The Developer, Extra-Dev and Membership modes cost $ 149, $ 199 and $ 199 respectively, with each mode being mode developed and refined than the preceding one. Purchase of any of these themes is simply through the click of a mouse. The WordPress themes showcase and demonstrations can help you decide on the best mode for your type of blog.


If you envision getting unlimited access to all the services offered by Sitemile, then joining the membership club is the way to go. In the same vain, gaining this membership opens doors to various money-saving options.


For instance, you can save up to $1000 when to purchase either the basic starter, professional starter, basic unlimited or professional unlimited as a member. Remember, at these tough economic times, saving a coin or two is as right as rain.


There is also the option of becoming an affiliate of Sitemile once you join the membership plan. The affiliate programme helps members to make extra cash by promoting sales.


Indeed, gone are the days when computers and the internet would make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. Sitemile leads the way into fast globalization and widespread internet access by making blogging as easy as pie. Its global acceptance adds color to the already good package, if the number of positive Sitemile reviews available online is anything to go by.


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