Whatsapp Marketing – 10 Best Ways to Market your Business on WhatsApp

Originally posted on November 13, 2017 @ 8:11 am

Tips for Marketing your Business with the Help of Whatsapp.


The social media networks and the messaging applications have completely changed the way of communication in this generation. Especially when it comes to business purpose, one needs to get adapted to these technologies to reach a wide number of audiences.

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Best Ways for Marketing your Business with Whatsapp



Being the largest messaging application in many parts of the world, WhatsApp has got nearly 1.2 billion number of users who have been making the best use of it for their business and other communication purposes. The following are some of the Tips to use WhatsApp for marketing.


Sources from WhastApp has said that many people have started using their app not only for internal communication but to spread out their business and reach a wider audience. With the latest addition of Snapchat kind of facilities in WhatsApp, business people shall be using the new status feature to interact more and in an easy way with their customers never like before.

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How to Make Use of Whatsapp for Business


The following are the ten ways to engage more with your customers through WhatsApp.


Real Time Service for the Customers


A real-time service was once a luxury one for small business people, yet, after the arrival of WhatsApp, the business people can make use of text, video or audio formats to provide a personal customer service experience for every client.

These tips to use WhatsApp for marketing shall enlarge the customer base for your company as people can easily get attracted to such rich media platforms.

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The Customer Support


The client’s support can extend by providing live video help or tutorials that can assist in fixing things or to provide guidance. This indeed shall make your company a reliable source to trust upon, and the customers shall call upon when they are in need of such extended services.

This is one of the 10 ways to use WhatsApp for your business.





With the feedbacks that you get from your customers, you can even quickly respond to them and improve your service based upon them. Develop interesting and creative questionnaires, so that the customers can spend some time to give a feedback about your company.

By making use of WhatsApp as a business tool, you will be developing a brand loyalty among the other companies in the market.



Personal Touch


When your WhatApp group have a tremendous growth, you can easily personalize the interaction with the customers by making use of one to one communication. This is imperative for small business people, as the customer needs to message you anytime about the product or any questions regarding them.

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Targeting Groups


If your small business is said to be specializing in a particular service or product, then you need to create target groups with WhatsApp, and by providing related topics, you can easily increase your overall customer base. This type of marketing by WhatsApp can help in gaining many new customers for your business.



Share Sales and Promotional Codes


By making use of the new Status feature, you can even create special sales and promotional codes for your customers. Share them as your WhatsApp status and the customers can redeem the codes instantly with your products or services.

This type of WhatsApp in your business can create more space for interaction with your customer.



Provide Special Access


The recent Status feature can effectively use to provide the exclusive access to your events. If a special guest is said to be visiting your firm, you can even share the news with your customers in the form of a Status update. These creative ways to use WhatsApp for your business shall let the customers check your status in WhatsApp anytime.

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Product Demo


If you are creating your own product or selling them from other manufacturers, you can even demo them on your Status and let your customers know about your new product that shall be out for sales anytime. These quick demo videos can easily reach out to the people, and it will be a glimpse of your product or service that you are about to provide in the upcoming days.


Market product and services by WhatsApp Status to keep your customers updated about your product.


The Giveaways


You shall have a giveaway every week, month or even daily based on the demand for your product. Since the WhatsApp and the Status features are completely free, the promotional cost can spend upon the giveaways.

Make use of WhatsApp messaging to reach the lucky winner of the day.




By partnering and collaborating with your nearby businesses, you shall increase the number of WhatsApp group in your particular area. With the use of the Status feature,


you can become a part of such conversations. Such type of WhatsApp messaging for business shall improve word of mouth about your company, and many people shall start to inquire about the company and their services and products that are offering to them.





WhatsApp, being the most powerful communication tool, is evolving as the new age communication tool with many new features added in the form of Status shortly. The versatile platform lets you send images, files and even short video clips about your services and products.


The major key to using WhatsApp is that one must avoid building abusive relationships with the audience. You need to measure down your interaction for every message, as a single response message can make the conversation turn good or bad anytime.

Never make a conversation only about making a sale with the customer. People can easily avoid such messages by deleting them or even by blocking you from WhatsApp in one single click.


Promote business via WhatsApp to engage with a wider number of audience and to spread the good word about your own brand. You can eventually learn about the customer’s need and can deliver them with ease. With the latest Status feature, one can easily cover up any new customer and make them turn lifelong customer.

Take advantage of such features to get the attention that you need for your service or product from the customers.

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