How to Use Snapchat for your Business Success

Originally posted on July 27, 2016 @ 1:05 am

Killer Tips for using Snapchat for Business Advertising and Marketing

There are many platforms and channels are present today for promoting businesses online. Different channels have different characteristics, and therefore different businesses use these platforms as per their need. One of the same sorts of emerging business promotion platforms is Snapchat.


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How to Use Snapchat for Business Marketing Advertising


Snapchat was launched in September 2011 and in such a short span of time it has gained immense popularity among youngsters at first and now among businesses as well. In present date it has currently 100 million active users as per the latest statistics. So avoiding such a platform can’t be considered as a right decision.


Thus, if you are also thinking about to use Snapchat for your business promotion then this guide on how to Use Snapchat for business will definitely help you.


A business can be promoted both freely and with the paid services provided by the Snapchat. Recently Snapchat launched some Snapchat business features which includes some rolled out and would be rolled out features. The features are Snapchat Ads, Snapchat Geofilters, Snapchat Sponsored lens etc.


Give a Brand identity to your business with Snapchat Ads


Snapchat Ads are among one of the best ways to promote any business on Snapchat. Snapchat ads appear in between the Snapchat stories; it simply means that Snapchat ad appears on the completion of one Snapchat story and beginning of the other story.


Snapchat ads are vertical videos of 10-seconds with full screen. With these ads, you can efficiently promote your business by providing your followers and friends an option of swiping up your ads so that they can get detailed knowledge about your products and services, as with swiping up they will be able to get an extended form of your Snapchat Ad Content.


And as per statistics Snapchat Ads have higher CTR in comparison to other social channels & have 10 billion videos views daily so in this way it is in fact equal to 10 billion new opportunities.


Snapchat Geofilters – Way to Promote Geographically


Snapchat Geofilters are one of the best ways to promote a business geographically. Snapchat Geofilters are the best way to show your audience where, when and why, which you can simply use to promote your any business event or opening of any store or anything else which relates to your business with the theme of Geofilters where, when and why.


Snapchat Geofilters are undoubtedly the best small art packs and with the help of these Geofilters, you can encourage your followers to take snaps to send it you and among their friends, which is in itself the best idea to revolutionize your campaign.


Snapchat provides on-demand Geofilters (in which individuals and businesses can buy on-demand Geofilters to promote their business, events, etc.). You can also create your Geofilters by clicking on CREATE NOW button on Geofilters page by following geofilter submission guidelines given at Geofilter Submission Guidelines page.



Snapchat Lenses – A Way to Promote Your business with Real Time Effects


Snapchat Lenses are among one of the best ways to promote your business. Snapchat Lenses adds a real-time effect in Snapchat Ads. Generally to activate a lens you have to go to the camera screen and then have to press and hold on the face then lens options will become visible.

Lens options present different types of lens from which you can select lens of your choice. Some unique types of lens also can be easily activated by following the instructions while capturing the snaps like raise your eyebrows, open your mouth to make your experience better than the best.

With this, you can add a fun touch and animation to your Snapchat Ads. You can send this lens to your followers and friends and can also add to your stories. Average time people used to play with lenses on Snapchat is 20 seconds, so this can prove to be an incredible opportunity for you to promote your business if you encourage them to do something which relates to your business.


Other Ways to Promote Your Business on Snapchat


By Telling a Great Snapchat Story


Yes by sharing great Snapchat story among your friends and followers you can efficiently promote your business. Snapchat stories are the snaps and collection of snaps (videos) which you can share with your friends and followers which remain present for 24 hours until your friends and followers don’t see it which is the most ultimate part in my opinion. As with this feature, your story doesn’t get buried until and unless your followers or friends see it. And in this way it has become a real-time engagement platform as snapchatters know that they won’t be able to access them again, so it compels them to take a quick decision about your products and services.  Consequently, it results in 76% products purchase online via Snapchat.


By Being Creative


Creativity is the need of any business promotion in present date. So how to use Snapchat for business with creativity let me tell you.

  • By creating content, capable of catching attention like providing any discount or coupon with suspense to show the code at the end.
  • By Adding Snaps, relates to your business with something inspiring, amusing and entertaining to tell about your business without being completely promotional.


Including Influencers to Your Promotion Campaign

Yes by partnering with influencers you can also make your business to be on the top of your industry. So who these influencers are & by partnering with them you can provide brand recognition your business. Influencers are those individuals who have a huge fan following over the platform and accomplished at using the platform and generating the interest.

Along with that Snapchat has also partnered with well-known leaders like 4C, Adaptly, Amobee, SocialCode, Brand Networks, Allday Everyday, Big Spaceship, Media Monks and a lot more (the list of all partners you can check here) to make advertising on Snapchat more superb.

Hope this guide on how to use Snapchat for business will help you and compel you to try Snapchat for your business if still; you are not on Snapchat then.


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