How to Promote your Real Estate Business on Facebook

Originally posted on September 15, 2016 @ 2:10 am

Facebook Social Media Tips for Real Estate Marketing and Promotion for agents and business owners.


In current scenario every aspect of our lives got affected by the social media platforms, whether it is about something personal or professional and real estate isn’t an exception.


Every individual wants to have a dream home of their own and if you are a real estate business owner then you can help them find the best one with the help of social media platform – Facebook. Now how can you help them to do so or in simple word how you can promote your real estate business on Facebook?

Thus, if you also want to know the real estate marketing methods for Facebook then this post is for you.

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Top 7 Ways to Promote your Real Estate Business over Facebook:-




#1. Create A Facebook Page



Create a Facebook page as by doing so you can share your business related informative content, analysis & many other things more effectively. After that, complete your Facebook Page details completely from cover image to profile image or logo, featured listings to relevant tabs, Detailed about tab and so on.


Although sharing on both page and profile are beneficial, but with a profile you really can’t share business related information all the time. But you can utilize your profile for other purposes for other which we will discuss later in this post. 

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#2. Make a powerful strategy to share the information on your Real estate business Facebook Page 

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what should you share on Your Facebook Real Estate Business Page



[A.] Share Images and Videos


Yes share photos and videos related to your business as images and videos, create great impact on anyone’s mind. People prefer to see images (photo albums) and watch videos as in that they don’t have to invest their time in reading something. Apart from that images and videos are also helpful to increase the engagement rate 150 and 200 percent respectively.


On that note, you can share engaging images and short video updates ( like The Hagley Group ) can help a lot to promote your real estate business on Facebook.  Also, always keep in mind that while sharing the photos of your real estate properties share the pictures of all kinds to show every part of your property like of inside, outside, balcony, garden and so on.

It is because different people like different things as some may like the inside of your property, some may outside and some balcony.

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[B.] Share Helpful Tips


As you are on Facebook to endorse your real estate business on Facebook then sharing posts partially or fully related to your business can prove to be really helpful and engaging. For instance, you can share tips on how to decorate your new home (partially related) and how to purchase a particular property (directly related).


By sharing such helpful posts on tips you can actually get an immense number of comments and likes which in turn helps to develop you as an authorized identity.



#3. Visualize Your Property By Living


Yes visualize your property by living in it as it helps buyers to get an idea of the inner space of the house and also luxuries associated with the house. Also, it helps to show you as authenticated and humorous at the same time.



#4. Respond to Reactors



Responding increases human factor as well as also shows that you are paying attention towards. So responding to reactors, whether good or bad can really help you to bring out as an identity that really cares about its customers.

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#5. Show Your Happy Clients



Along with all the mentioned points showing your happy and satisfied clients is also among one of the best Facebook Marketing tactics for real estate business. By doing so you make your targeted audience that you are dealing with the real person which is in it-self, encouraging enough to make the others purchase from you just like the Hunter Real Estate done.



#6. Create an Effective Facebook Profile for your Real Estate Business Promotion



You can also strengthen your real estate promotion strategy by putting your Facebook Profile, into action. With the help of your Facebook Profile you can directly contact them and can stay in touch with them by simply adding them to your friend list.


And also it will also help to add a human touch to your real estate business. Apart from that, you can also create and join Facebook Groups to stay in touch with the potential buyers or leads.


Along with that with your Facebook Profile, you can also tag your friends and clients in the posts and photos you share related to your business. Thus, in this process more and more people come to know about your business – your friends, their friends and friends of friends, in simple words, everyone who sees your tagged photo or post.


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#7. Maintain the right ratio of sharing promotional and informative things on Facebook:-




Things to remember while sharing on your Real estate Facebook Page


Many of known Realtors suggest that sharing content on Facebook should possess a ratio of 4:1. In simple words it means that sharing of promotional stuff should be 1 in every 4 posts as people really don’t like a promotional robot. So, now if you are thinking that what to share on other remaining 3 posts then let me tell you that.

You can educate your audience with informative content related to your niche, analysis, statistics so that they can understand about it completely.

Sometimes, do share other kinds of useful news and interesting articles with your community readers. It shows your real human side and it helps you making a good bond with your audience.


I hope that this post with the marketing strategies for real estate business will help realtor in a realistic manner. Implement these real estate business marketing strategies and let us know about your experience and lead generation. We would love to listen to from your end.


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