Pros and Cons of Display, Social media, and Search Ads

Originally posted on September 13, 2016 @ 2:41 am

Reasons why Online Advertising is beneficial for your brand and what are the loopholes

Standing as the second best advertising channel in the world, internet advertising offers you pool of opportunities which must capitalize. If you talk about setting a budget for web based advertising then you must know where to allocate your budget. 

There are three types of ads used on the online platforms, namely search ads, display ads and social media ads. Now which one goes apt for your need must be tested so that you can select the best out of these to meet your business goals.

Listing some advantages & disadvantages of each of the aforesaid three online advertising format that you must consider before trying your hand at this space & selecting one:

Online Advertising Tips for using various ad types


Pros and Cons of Online Advertising

Pros and Cons of Online Advertising

1. Display Ads

Found in the middle of or on either side of webpage content.

Reach 90 percent of the internet audience/users worldwide no matter they want to see them or don’t want to see.

Benefits of display ads

1- Reachability

Be it any online property whether apps, websites, emails or any other, display ads reach them all. Display ads let you reach as many people as you want.

2- Not A Competitive Format
The competition here in case of display ads is less. You are here just to let the world know about your brand.
3- Flexibility

Be it style or format, display ads are quite flexible. It can come as video, text, game, images, gifs etc.

Disadvantages of display ads

1- No control

Where your ads appear, you cannot be in control of it always. Sometimes due to thus factors awkward situations prevail leading to adverse effect on the brand.

2- Suffer Ignorance

 Most people hardly even notice display ads. Usually maximum amount of people ignore these ads.

3- Spam
Most of the time these ads get associated with spams and hence bad reputation.


2. Search Ads:-

Appear at the top of or on the side of your Google search results. A common form of pay per click advertising.

Benefits of search ads

1- Simple

Search ads ate not very complicated. They are basically text online and there is no character limit or any restriction in terms if style or so.

2- Drive Leads & Conversion

People are more responsive to the content ads as they ate looking for the information provided therein. Therefore, search ads drive more qualified leads and conversion as well.


Disadvantages of search ads

1- No Visual Content Except For A Small Yellow Tab

When businesses are focusing more on visual content today via Instagram, Pinterest & other platforms, search ads doesn’t stand out in today’s trend because of it very feature of being non-visual.

2- Cost & Price

You pay for clicks here. The cost & price depends on your competition. Getting 100 clicks but no sales means you’re losing your money.

3. Social Media Ads


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn etc are the famous social media platforms. Social media ads are growing at very fast pace today.

Benefits of social media ads

1- Effective Targeting

The biggest strength of social media advertising lies in its targeting capabilities. On different social media platforms you can target audience based on different factors like interest, job titles, experience, lifestyle etc.

2- Cost & Price

It depends on your ad type whether you are opting for promoted ads or free. Generally, the cost of social media ads are not high. It is affordable & sometimes even very low.

Disadvantages of social media ads

1- Resistance To Adopt

Because this is a new platform, people might hesitate in adopting it at first place. This could be due to lack of experience or resistance to change or switch to new advertising channel.

2- Regular Monitoring

You have to keep on replacing your ads and come up with fresh content. You have to move with the speed of social media and put up timely content in the form of news posts. Failing at which anyhow might lead to your downfall. 

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Today, online advertising is a popular way to promote your business or services online. And, the classifieds and online advertising sites offer free ways to market your business. Contact us for digital marketing, SEO, social media related services.